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"Increase Your WordPress Website Profits Instantly With The WP Profiteer Plugin. PERIOD. Stop Losing Money and Traffic Already Coming Your Way When Visitors Land On Broken/Dead Links!"

Includes Unrestricted Sourcecode

This one simple action could end up paying you for years to come by capturing those 'lost' visitors who would have just seen an error page and left your site if you didn't have WP Profiteer installed.

Simply put, this means you are losing $$$ for for something you can easily fix in a minute!

The causes of these 404 ‘Page Not Found’ error pages usually stem from the way WordPress platform configures permalinks, WordPress compatibility issues, mistyped links, browser caching problems, DNS settings, etc.

Search engines' results are also known to still show links to deleted posts which misdirect potential customers to broken links, which may even end up with them penalizing your ranking. What a waste!

Solving these issues involves some technical understanding and considerable time reconfiguring various files, and is no cup of tea!

WP Profiteer is a handy Wordpress plugin that captures lost profits on your blogs. 

It does this by redirecting the 404 Error Pages that your visitors encounter, to any URL you select, instantly. Your visitors will never even see the error page!

Upload, Activate, Enter Your Redirect URL. That's All, You're Done.
We're Talking of a ONE Minute Task Here. Literally.

Here is a screenshot of the plugin showing its elegant simplicity yet powerful benefits.

There are 101 ways to increase your bottom line and credibility, and this is one of the easiest and quickest ones. Use it.

Every Wordpress site owner should be using this plugin...

...and lucky for you, it comes with Unrestricted Sourcecode Rights. You can also use it on unlimited sites that you own.

Here's What You'll Get When You Order WP Profiteer Today:

1. Prevent lost profits and credibility.

2. Prevent lost traffic important in list-building which adds value to your site.

3. Prevent high visitor 'bounce-rate' which negatively affects your site's search engine ranking.

3. WP Profiteer plugin (un-encrypted sourcecode), Quick Install/Setup Guide.

4. Full Support should you have any issues.

5. Free Updates - if Wordpress makes changes that prevent plugin from working, we'll update it, and you'll get the new version for free.

You might expect to pay a tidy sum for such a diligent traffic 'worker' toiling for you throughout the year,
saving you lots of profit and traffic you could have lost, but if you order today you'll get everything above
not for $28.95 or 18.95 per year...

Ready To Get Started?
This investment pays for itself many times over and you can cancel anytime

Put WP Profiteer To Work On Your Blogs Today.

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Instant Download After Payment. After payment completion, click on 'Return to Merchant' link to be redirected to download page.

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Instant Download After Payment. After payment completion, click on 'Return to Merchant' link to be redirected to download page.

You're one small step away from tapping into some highly
targeted traffic...that's currently being WASTED.

You may download the key-encrypted WP Profiteer Demo Plugin here to check for compatibility.
Download the Key-encrypted WP Profiteer Demo Plugin  

(However you will need to purchase the paid-up version to get the full plugin so you can activate it with the decrypted activation key)


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